Dear Parents/Guardians:

The purpose of this letter is to explain how the District assigns report card grades to elementary students.

It is important for you to know that all report card grades are based on grade level work (written assignments, class participation, tests, and other classroom activities). The District uses the following grading scale for all Elementary. 

Percent Grade
90 – 100 A
80 – 89 B
70 – 79 C
60 – 69 D
0 - 59 U

The following grading procedures are in place to make sure you are aware of your child’s academic performance level: Teachers are required to report a performance level in reading and math. The levels are: Exceeds, Meets, Minimally Below or Substantially Below grade level.

  • Students working below grade level will be provided with additional instruction and supplemental materials to help them reach on grade level performance.
  • Students working below grade level will also receive instruction and assessment on their assigned grade level to prepare them for District and State assessments.
  • Assignments that are below grade level will not be included in the calculation for report card grades.
  • Students with disabilities whose IEP indicates “Alternate Assessment” are not included in these grading procedures.

You will receive information from the teacher regarding grade level performance through conferences, notes and progress reports. If you have questions or concerns, you should contact your child’s teacher and make sure all your questions are answered.