San Carlos Park Elementary School’s Chromebook User Agreement


The Chromebook is a powerful tool that will help you access a huge array of information. With great power comes great responsibility. Every time you log onto the Chromebook you are connecting to the Lee County School District servers. All of your web activity is tracked, and accessing inappropriate sights will result in a referral as we can view your history.  At any time, the files in your Google Drive are subject to search and review.


The following activities will be considered acceptable use of a Chromebook:

  • Taking notes on Google Docs as directed by a teacher
  • Looking up information to complete assignments
  • Turning in work on Google Classroom
  • Completing activities on textbook websites
  • Conducting school-related research on the internet
  • Teacher directed responder programs


    The following activities will NOT be considered acceptable use of a Chromebook:

  • Looking up social media sites
  • Listening to personal music of other multimedia that is not selected by the teacher
  • Playing a web-based game that is not selected by the teacher
  • Going to a web page other than what the teacher directed
  • Using a Chromebook that is not assigned to you
  • Other Code of Conduct violations pertaining to technology/electronic device


Consequences for violating San Carlos Park Elementary School’s Chromebook User Agreement:


Students who violate the User Agreement will be subject to disciplinary actions which may include conferencing with student and parent, lunch detention, loss of Chromebook for a particular timeframe, and referrals. In addition, students’ accounts may be charged for damages to Chromebooks. Students who owe money may not be able to participate in awards assemblies, and/or additional extracurricular activities.




Report troubles immediately

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Access, transmit, copy or create mobile apps, websites or other material that contains inappropriate or any material that is illegal, not age appropriate or inappropriate for a school environment.


Code of Conduct